Arial images for Industry & Construction

Industry & Construction

Aerial shots are particularly suitable for huge and unreachable locations like opencast minings, shipyards or big buildings sites.
Through the use of drones, you can benefit of cost-effective standing out documentations from a bird´s-eye view.
For architects and construction sites manager, being able to precisely and convincingly document the progress and accomplishments is of extreme significance.
From all directions and with precise coordination spots thanks to a GPS. Therefor, at all times, the same road can be taken in order to monitor from the sky the infrastructures and the industrial plants.

GNYK image film // German Naval Yards (Kiel)

The German Naval Yard shipyard from Kiel commissioned us in 2016 to produce an image film.

Because of the dimension of the shipyard, our drone needed to fly further to succeed the dangerous shots we had to do.

Two sunny days and over 100 shipyard workers helped, in order to realize this project and reach the contentment of our client.

Bentley // Baku

For the traditional Automotivbrand Bentley, HIGHFLYMOTION produced a nother imagemovie. This time we were in Aserbaidschan, in the beautiful capital Baku.

Some of these impression, we put in this little trailer.

Grün gGmbH // Mauerpark Berlin

Within the framework of the development of the Mauerpark in Berlin, aerial shots were required to allow the presentation on display of spatial positioning.

Through the application of the flight road by GPS and thanks to exact coordination spots, we can reproduce the same framing.

Thereby we can provide our client a timelapse of the progress of the construction.

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