Highflymotion started on the ground. We are the competent partner for your videos and film productions. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector of visual medias, we are the perfect collaborators for brainstormings, conception, storyboard design, shooting schedule, castings and research of appropriate voice for the voicing of your videos.
The appropriate music and the catering should also not be missing. We also take this in charge.
Highflymotion is a full production service in the video production field.

Adjust // Market launch - Image film

For the market leader in the app tracking and analytics sector, we produced a launch video, more precisely an image film, for their market launch in the USA. From the idea to the exported film, everything came from one provider. The challenge here was to convey in a simple was a very complicated topic, while processing the specifications for the experts. The result is worth seing and listening.

Gourmets // TV commercial

Gourmets is the german online market leader of coffee capsule production. Highflymotion produced this commercial for sales promotion. In this case we were also in charge of the upload for the television station.

Gymondo // TV commercial

For 4 years we have been regularly working for the fitness portal Gymondo. We produced about 200 workouts as well as different commercial for TV and social medias. This time it was about a kickboxing workout and who could else than Marie Lang, the worldwide champion, would be the better trainer? Clear the ring!

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